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The HUB at Providence: Arts Program

On New Year’s Day 2020 @ 6:00 pm, we released the world premiere of’s short film on renowned Arkansas Artist Matt Miller (@mattmillerstudio). The Hub has felt incredibly lucky to feature Miller as the first featured artist in our new arts program, and to have his art on our walls.
Our arts program is about more than creating aesthetically pleasing spaces; our goal is to connect with artists who are thinking beyond their medium and considering life itself within their work. On this subject, Miller describes his work as visual meditations that serve as teachers helping him to be more present with others in his life beyond painting. "I start with an intention, usually based on a mantra word: gratitude, love, compassion, or non-judgment," he says, describing his process, "these paintings help me create more capacity within myself to embody my daily mantra."

In early 2020, join us in witnessing how Miller engages with this process of meditation and discovery as he continues painting at The Hub in Chaffee Crossing.