Art > The All-Inclusive Show (2018)

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The All-Inclusive Show: A Show for Artists But You Can Watch Too hosted by artist Kat Wilson is an eclectic hybrid talk/variety show targeted to visual artists, and how they can live excellent work lives as creatives with the dual roles as society influencers, whistleblowers, and leaders in inclusivity. The show features a wide array of cohosts from a variety of fields each motivated to help artists. For example, the pilot episode, performed and filmed live, during Inverse Performance Festival, concentrated on ways to aid Performance Artists by showing them how to access their creative potential through legal "psychotropic" beverages, spiritual advice, and art activism assignments. There are multiple musical guests that perform alongside the house-musician, Yutaka Takahashi, as well as several spiritual and physical curators who will engage alongside Kat Wilson and Entourage .

Inverse Performance Festival
Performance Art