Art > #SelfieThrones (2015) check the hashtag #selfiethrone on insta to view full project

A sort of open-access expansion on artist Kat Wilson’s Habitats series, her #SelfieThrone is an interactive art project that employs elements of photography, sculpture, and performance art to explore the line between self-empowerment and self-obsession made blurrier by social media. Wilson is present as an artist in the construction of the thrones, which she composes from neon, projection mapping, and curated personal objects before stepping away from her typical role as photographer, inviting anyone who passes by to participate in a spectacle of beauty and grandeur using their own phones. Playful and dynamic, #SelfieThrone offers a complex commentary on portraiture in the age of Instagram, redefining the role of the photographer and welcoming the in-person performance of ego and its sister self-love.